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Please follow us on Facebook, North Lyon Firefighters Fernley.  We are also on Twitter and you can follow us @NLCFPDLocal4547 and Instagram @northlyonffs 

IAFF Local 4547 Updates


It is getting closer to election time.  Please get out to vote this November to make a difference.   


5/07/14 Residential burning is no longer open.  We have had a very dry winter and our wildland fuels will soon dry out.  Please be careful with any campfires thay you may have.  


May is wildfire prepardness month.  Please make sure your home is fire safe.


We are planning to hold some local PR Events and fundraisers in the community.  We will release the dates when we have them established.  The events will include a community blood drive and a fill the boot campaign.  Please support your local firefighters and community by attending any events.  


We want to say congratulations to Chief Huntley on being hired as the new District Fire Chief.

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